Squeeze  is  a  web  magazine, 

which  aims  to  tell  stories.

 We  love  serching  and  trough  the  new  artists  generations.

We believe that the world is a fantastic, incredible place where everybody

can have a chance to express their vision, art or talent,

and, thanks to the todays web-ways, anyone can become a Superstar,

without asking “Any” permission to “Any” old media “Gatekeepers”

but just beliving on their own talent  !!

and that’s also what we are looking for.

 Storytelling is the heart and the main way

we love  to tell about them and comunicate with you.

 Fashion is the key  through which  we realize this amazing journey.

 We don’t like at all “paste and  copy” contents, we only love to produce them

maybe it will take a bit more but that’s the only way we work

……so please don’t ask us to be up-load every day,

this will be impossible!!

 and…., if you are going to “hit the big time” , please let us know about you !


Milano    09.01.2015

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