litle girls growing fast.

Sercahing on the web you can definitely discover very interesting talented, that's what we do and this is what we love to do. And here we are to introduce you a 15een yo girl, one of ours new Squeeze Girls, Alva, born in Germany and so much in love with modeling  and Instagram social network, that made her quite popular on this social network.

Looks like she has been always a lucky girl by the fact that her family always supported her on her desire to become a model since she was 8 yo.  it has been always her dream to work with great photographers and being published on various magazines, so looks like she has been able to archive it, even if she still so young.

Alva Inga Squeeze Girl

But more than talk about her. lets her speak about herself:
My name is Alva Inga, I am 15een yo. Currently, I am 174 m tall. I live in Germany, there I go to the high school in the 10th grade. I live together with my parents and my sweet dog Emil, I love dogs so much. I enjoy doing sports, in the past I did gymnastic, now I prefer fitness, tennis and endurance training. I love to meet my friends, listen to music read and of course do shooting for Instagram.

Alva Inga Squeeze Girl

Modelling is absolutely my passion. I started with an agency in Düsseldorf, Modelpools Kids, at the age of 12 yo, and then specialized in Instagram because it makes me fun even more. At Instagram I have found so many great parole, awesome photographers and fantastic sponsors like Squeeze magazine. And Just Shot Shop. Whole time I have always been very much supported by my parents and even now they are present at any of my shooting, and always helpful at my side. I am very great full to them for that. I have been to several magazines, especially thanks to Janto Trappe photographer. In general, I have done many shootings for sports, fashion, casual, extreme makeup...... I love to be a model because you can be so diverse and creative and meet many new people and travel a lot.

squeeze girl

From the point of view of the lighting technique I can tell that the lens are always frontal to the subject face using a small or medium soft box. She never organizes a super soft light mood, at the contrary there is always a well balance, between the light and the shadow that describe the face of the subject.

Alva Inga Squeeze Girl

The expression on their face is in general an expression peaceful, but this tranquility is never mistaken as smiling face, never smiling actually.I can see some real strong proud on their face, a very deep gaze is something I also see in any portrait, but they still have a human hot human feeling. Their gazes invite the public to enter on their world, but very slowly and with not arrogance. They are open to public looks, but they want to keep anyway that little distance in any case from anyone.

Alva Inga Squeeze Girl
Alva Inga Squeeze Girl
Alva Inga Squeeze Girl
Alva Inga Squeeze Girl

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Hope you all like our new Squeeze Girl. If youare interested to become one of ours girls, please tag on Instagram @squeezemagazine #squeezegirls

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