This   is   the story, a “young” story, of  a  very peculiar    accessory    fashion-brand   “Emma Purple“.  Brand   originally    created     by Caterina  Doronzo   about   5  years   ago  in  Milano  and  at a  later stage,   it  was    enriched  by  the one that will become  the  Brand’s Art Director with her  real   life  partner  Emanuele.
Skulls,  crosses,   sacred   images,  and   nooses   to  hang,  are    just  a  few  of  the   odd   elements   that     ironically    catch   my   vision,  softley    and   gently .  A  very cool mix   of  feeling,  sweetness   and  pride emerged to me   from   their ultimate  collection.  A  collection  that    I    was  proud  to make to be  shoted   by   four   young italian photographers.

caterina oronzo for squeeze magazine


When you were 15 years old, how did you picture yourself as an adult?

C-When I was young, I actyually never thought about the future, I was a wild free spirit, and use to live day by day.
E- When I was 15 the only though was have fun and discovery more think I could. No matters or plans at   all, but   nothing   last  forever. Trouble   are  always    behind  the corner like alcohol and drugs.
How did your parents use to see you in the world?
C- I actually  prefer not to answer  this question.
E-  My father died 7 yrs ago. He was  very  important to  me. My mom is my heroine  and  I she’s very proud of me.  She’s my best friend
Did you ever image , in your youth to set up a fashion brand ?
C- Well the passion for fashion it has been always present into my  life. I actually remeber that as child I use to draw rings on my fingers.
E- No I did not!
Is there any particular celebrity that you would like to dress?
C- Defenetly Madonna, Jared Leto, Kate Moss.
E- Yeah off course. Jesus Christ !!
How do you get inspired to create new fashion sets?
C- Through cinema ,art and vintage
E- By my life, my experience my memories and my dreams
Before you were a designer, Caterina, you were previously on the commercial side of fashion. Does that help you know  the rules of   Brand Marketing ?
C- Oh yes , to have a background on fashion marketing it has been very helpfull to my career.
Are you,  loyal or loath following market’s  rules?
C-.I am  loath.
E-  mmm I don’t know. Im loyal following life’s rules
When  you  start  developing   your  collection,  do  you have a clear picture of who will
appreciate your line?
C-Yes defenetly yes . Any time i start to design a piece,   I  know exactly   who is going to like it
E- Yes even because that’s a first step to create a new collection. in war the rule number one is know yr enemy better than you.
Is it stressful  to  think  that  your  work  will be  judged by how well you’ll do in your next collection?
C- No I don’t really get pressured on being criticized, evaluation is what it’s always been, and will always will be.
E- No at all. critics are more important than compliment
Do  you   remember   the worst   and  the  best critiques  you’ve  ever received?
C- Luckly the worst ones I usually received were by people are far far away from my personal style, so I was able to forget them very quickly.
E- Yes. u r fabulous and you suck !!! lol
Could you pick out a permanent mark, that is/will be ever-present in your collections since the beginning?
C- Defenetly the buffalo, it is my “must “, it always been and it will always will be on my collections.                        E- Yeah. the buffalo
Ok ,now I will give you the Aladdin lamp. Your three wishes are…..?
C- Well , my dream? Probably is to be able to live and work at NYC raising up a family, and keep going to be create and create, again and again.
E- Bring my dad back
Ok let’s foreshadow the future,   you  are receiving  an Oscar as best fashion designer of the World,  there is anyone who you would like to share this award with?
C-Surely, Emanuele    my  partner in life and    professionally  as   Creative Director of my brand “Emma Purple”. His precence is crucial to my, in both private   and  professional  life.    And also defenetly my family,  I   couldn’t make    it  possible       without    their “human capital” and in the beginning also “economic capital”
E- Of course with caterina and my family.










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