Australian pop singer, offered us an enthusiastic interview and photo-shooting during his European promoting tour for his new album “FREE”, through which discover more about this happy, positive, young artist. It is never an easy task to talk about young artists, is always risky, saying too much or too little to please them or hurt their poetic soul. …….do you know …..what………….
the best way to talk about young artist is…..
let them talk about themself!






  • photo & interview GIANGUIDO ROSSI
  • fashion  DHVANI BAKSHI
  • photo ass. BERNARDO BUZZAO


Interview by Gianguido Rossi

Cody Simpson, the australian pop singer, offered us an interview where he explains more about his roots and beginning of his career.

The talented young artist started the interview recognizing to don’t even think about be a star. Music was just a hobby for him in a really casual way and he confess between laughs that he always got “Cs” in music at the school, probably because of his low interest thinking he knew already everything. [Laughs]
He started to discover other styles such a folk, rock, blues… and it’s when he really got into it. Cody recognize he never thought he would get where he is now and that it would happen that early but he started to focus on improve and perfection all he knew about music.
Cody talks about his family like the key of success on his career and he defines his-self as a reincarnation of his dad, who truly inspired him to start music. His dad has been always up to help him however it would be and told Cody to move to LA if that it would be necessary for his career.
The words of his dad will always remain on his head: “Whatever you want to do, do it…”
Talking about the bad side of his dreams, he recognizes the sacrifices he has to do for what he loves. He mentions the recent rupture between him and his girlfriend because of too much travelling. For him, the honesty and communication is the main key for keep his friends and family even on the distance…
In terms of artists, Bob Dylan, Elvis, The Beach Boys… and genres as Rock & Roll and Rap from 60’s, inspire him as also does the way they used to dress those times.
We asked him what he thinks about social media and he definitely agrees on use it as a way to share his work but he is absolutely against the competition of “who is better”. He just wants to show his music and make people to enjoy it.
We decided to go deeper on our questions and we offered him to let us know his “3 wishes”.
—The first one he just made it simple and with meaning… “I want to be happy”.
—The second one involves his career: “I would love to distribute my style and music trough my label reaching the right people and cause impact”.
—And after a really long wait, he confess to don’t know his third wish, so we just left it in 2 this time…
All of that describes him as such a simple person full of talent, chasing the meaning of life: happiness… And wanting to spread his message trough music, makes him the unic artist he is and definitely really special to us…

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