Interview by Tijanja

May it be his innovative clothing or his Medical Degree, this upcoming Italian designer sure found his own unique way to make every girl feel better. Cristiano Burani’s surgical attention to detail mixes with his creative soul to evoke a feminine, fascinating woman who looks like no other. Futuristic, precious, hand made. These words only begin to describe our journey with Cristiano through the words and thoughts of Shanghai artist Tjanja.


As an artist I perceive with my five senses and my 6th sense, but frankly, I think we possess a multitude of senses which are far more than six.   Every sense ,every quality is like one of the facets of a diamond.
 I really like the color combination of this collection, purple, white, black… are those grapes, snow, ink on snow ?

C-Actually, I’d like to move this fashion show outdoors, I envision the snow clad ground as the runway and a cornucopia of crushed grapes on the snow resembling wine. The juice symbolizes carnal pleasures, while ink symbolizes the pleasure of literature. The spatters on snow represent the sharing or ravaging innocence, the snow, by the hands of carnal and spiritual pleasures.

T-After those colors, orange and gold start their journey. It was as if the sun was rising, the snow was melting, oro, gold.

On the runway an Asian model was wearing a dress with a black and white motif, which made me think of a cartouche utilized in ancient Egypt, are you an explorer of Egyptian culture?                                                          C- Actually, Egyptian culture was not what I was referring to when I designed my winter collection.

But I do like this association. I am fascinated by symbols and geometry and these are deeply joined with Egyptians. Another thing that I like to look to in Egyptian culture are their futuristic concepts, like the pyramids.

I always feature my future oriented eye in my collections, it is something that’s fundamental and extremely interesting to me.

T-The repeating motif on this dress makes me think of fingerprints.

Did you deliberately leave your prints on this garment ?                

C-I actually like the concept of repetition because it takes me to geometrical shapes. I always get my inspiration from nature. All its beauty is originated by the repetition of geometrical shapes.

T- In addition to those ancient elements, I also sensed an aura of futuristic taste.                              The women you feature are not what you would expect to find at a classy cocktail party, but rather like edgy daughters of mediums who have the talent to break the natural course of time, traveling from the past to the future.

What type of girl wears your garments ?

Can you describe her character ?

Would you define her as a voyager ?

As someone who came back from your childhood ?                                   

C– Every girl who wears one of my dresses is a voyager who likes the sensation of freedom that comes with a journey. She is feminine but wants to show her femininity in a conceptual and unconventional way. She is a girl who understands the preciousness of exclusive fabrics, hand embroideries and couture finishings. She wants to be unique and different from all the others. Perhaps it could be connected with my childhood because I moved a lot with my family when I was a child, and I liked it.

T- Imagining you are a girl who is wearing your dress, what would be on her mind ?                            C– I imagine the long dress with geometrical designs made with gold sequins, it makes me think of a girl leaving Brasil after a long trip.

T-What was your childhood like ?                                                                                                                                C-My childhood was very nice. I traveled a lot this gave me the chance to be in touch with a variety of different people and cultures. I had the time to play outdoors with many friends and I expressed my creativity through painting and the theater.

T-If I were to dance by a lake with a dark stranger, which one of your dresses would you recommend ? And don’t say nude!                                                                                                                                 C-I would recommend the long red one with embroidered stripes. Red is the color of passion and this dress is also very sensual with a nice split on the shoulders.

T-If I may say, If it were up to me to choose, I’d pick the black and white one that lets the right thigh lightly show.   If I could use one word describe the soul of this collection, I would say glyphs. What would yours be ?    

C-I would say futurglam. My fashion is glamourous but always future oriented. In any collection I design, the Made in Italy represents an important additional value to every garment. Unfortunately today it’s not considered as important as people give more value to the price than the origin of a garment.                                                            I think that today, especially for young designers, we must speak about creativity that’s made in Italy.That means we must represent new creativity, new solutions, international taste with the quality of pure Italian craftsmanship.



hotography      GIANGUIDO ROSSI


make-up   SARA DEL RE  


photo ass.   NIK ROS

production     SQUEEZE

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