LUIS VUITTON is running away from Michael Jakson…. a big gap of personality.

luise vuitton

It’s unbelievable how a such strong and establish international fashion brand, such Luis Vuitton, is running away terrified from a super star like Micheal Jackson, to arrive to pull back his 2019 men’s collection inspired to the king of the pop MJ, following the accuses of a suppose pedophilia accusation contain inside a “documentary “ such “ Leaving Never Land “.
If we really want to follow the truth, we have to declare that Micheal Jackson has never ever been considered guilt for any of these terrible crime he is accused it for.
In the whole “documentary” is never showed others opinion than the only two witness, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, never face to face with others point of view or MJ lawyer or family, it’s a just one way theory. These two people have been already in front of the court, and the court itself never trusted to theirs accusation.
That’s why we call this more a “mockumentary” than a real “documentary”, a documentary has to be giving space to the truth.
But what is totally incredible is that The fashion house, is even arrived to pull back, from its last collection all the items inspired to the pop star, giving that way a credibility to the thesis accusatory, implied in that “documentary” “Leaving Neverland” We believe this is completely anti instructive strategy, fearing not to offend anybody, they prefer following someone idea instead to follow the truth, that Micheal Jackson was never ever accused of pedophile till now, has never been proved that kids has been abused by MJ. Even more, the two and only witness of the “documentary” seems that have been considered not even reliable from the court.
Dear Luis Vuitton acting that way you acted more like a market place than a real Fashion House.
Fashion is not just about “selling outfit”, is also an expression’s way, a social interaction, is also an art for some aspects, its freedom ideas express trough outfit. We don’t just like the idea that fashion is just a matter of selling clothes. Pulling back from his last collection any object inspired to Micheal Jackson, the French brand, showed just its weakness and insecure way to create and promote fashion, we saw in all this a huge gap of personality that a such brand should have on its DNA.

by Gianguido Rossi

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