Time changes for everyone, even for an amazing structure like Conde Nast, the famous and undisputed leader in fashion magazine….till now!!! So how is possible that a such powerful fashion group are going to shout down about 5 magazines like :L’Uomo Vogue, Vogue Bambini, Vogue Sposa and Vogue Gioiello. We can count so many new online and off line fashion magazine, so we can hardly believe that the reason is the difficult of the today editorial time. We probably believe more in a wrong editorial path strategy follow during the last decade by Vouge Italian magazine. A group that realize millions of Euro every years , that has a such strong influence into fashion business and for fashion audiences, can not just shut down because of crisis!! Editorial fashion magazine overview, is a complete desolation to us. They probably was too much focused on their own appreciation, that to really understand the fashion’s changing during last years. Always the same name rolling on those magazine, same fashion editors, same fashion photographers, same creative directors, while the world outside is such full of great new wave talent who need to be discovered, and give them a real chance in this business. We feel so sorry for all the employee who lost the job, but as well as, when the boat sink, the responsible is inevitably of the commander




Gianguido Rossi


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