The up-and-coming footwear label Liudmila has built a reputation on whimsical, fantasy-filled shoes that have been winning the attention of niche, curated boutiques around the world since the brand launched in 2013.

Its founder and creative director Najeeba Hayat’s latest project is a collection with Avigail Collins, the London-based stylist who works with Rihanna, Tinie Tempah and Jessie Ware, that launches on July 13.

The new collection channels both women’s love for the music icons of the Nineties, from Mariah Carey to Mary J. Blige. “We wanted that bling factor in the collection, so we kept the core shapes that represent my brand, simplified them and then applied these exaggerated materials like a giant tiger print or gingham,” said the designer, who is based in Kuwait.




Nick Ros


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