So much in love with this Italian's fashion photographer. Enjoy our story and discover Anastasia fascinating model.

Asia our super hor Squeeze Girl

We do love to work not just with models, and here we have a very provocative Italian's show girl. Let us know how do you like her!


Super talented Photographer Masakazu, creating our glamour fashion wet story.

Nissa, our hot spicy Squeeze Girl -- by Gianguido Rossi


fashion news

our best fashion editorial

We maybe don't produce often fashion editorials, but for sure we know how to do it when we do!! We wanna thanks all the teams that helps us to build our magazine time after time.

Taynara MODEL

wet WILD story

photo-story by   Masakazu Kurihara Wet and wild. This is our latest fashion story that oozes sex appeal released by Masakazu. Our Isabelle is a flame who had found her element within the water and wears it like a custom made leather - naturally and effortlessly. Her sensuality and sex...


photo  CHRISTIAN DE SANTISEdgy women will always be trendsetters. She’s bold, has sex appeal and not afraid to mix textures and prints. She creates the new normal in fashion before anyone else has a chance.     SQUEEZE TEAMdirection     GIANGUIDO ROSSIphoto&...


photo-story by   GIANGUIDO ROSSI Our SQUEEZE girl is able to rock any look. Whether it is the classic denim jacket or the fresh white jean, she can pull it off effortlessly with confidence. She is sexy and mysterious - it would be no surprise that the world wants to see more of her. S...
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