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hard not to be hot Squeeze Girl!!

photo  Gianguido Rossi

starring   Ana  Pirlog

 style  Erika Guerrisi

make up Matteo Bartolini

location Cross Studio Milano

There is not fashion without creativity, there are no creativity without research and inspirational mood, that's how come we always end to work with super passionate professional, that's the only way to get out of it something to stand out!! Thanks Gianguido to you and your team for this amazing photo-shooting. Great job guys!!

bra YAMAMAY---coulotte INTIMISSIMI---stockings CALZEDONIA--- jacket INTROPIA

skirt MANGANO---bra 25TH HOUR

gianguido rossi photography

top bustier AVARO FIGLIO--gloves CLAIRE'S

skirt and body PARAH--gilet MANGANO


bra EDWARD ACHOUR-- skirt 25TH HOUR--vest DROME

jacket DROME bra- 25TH HOUR skirt INTROPIA

......and............who will be the next Squeeze girl to visit us in Milan???