Rihanna – Goodnight Gotham (official video)

Muna release video for “LOUDSPEAKER”

Rihanna. If that video is not fake…..than what she did is gonna be super cool!!!

Rihanna has just surprise released the latest music video clip from her critically acclaimed album, ANTI. The video, for one of the album’s bonus tracks, “Goodnight Gotham,” finds the singer exiting a car in Paris—and running head first, arms open into a crowd of hungry fans.

In the car, a muffled voice (which may or not belong to Riri herself) refers to the stunt as “the craziest thing she’s ever done.” While the list of outrageous acts the singer has committed is certainly a long one, that statement might not be so far off. Celebrities spend vast amounts of resources, and time, ascertaining how to safely interact with their fans. In this minute-long clip, Rihanna throws all that out the window, jumping right into the lion’s den. The result is a touching video that captures the spirit of the singer’s current world tour.

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