fashion — NYC major, seems determinate to kick off the label MADE IN NYC!

Looks like that the bug apple really care about their own fashion creative, and especially to whom we will provide to become MADE IN NY labelled, the council is going to put on the plate more than 75 million dollars to push and better organize the fashion sector in town. New York City is definitely one of the most important fashion capital, just after Paris and Milan, but looks like they are struggling to become the number one in the world. Meantime other fashion capital still admiring themselves, they are really planning to invest in this sector, and the city is full of so many great energies and potential like no other place in the world, the best protagonist of the fashion system are based n the city, from models agency to top photographers art directors , stylist in one word they have the best communication compartment ever in the world and if they are going to invest millions on the developing of new designers , I believe they could become much more important than they are now, MADE IN NEW YORK, it doesn’t really means much at the moment, compare to others MADE IN like MADE IN ITALY first of all, but things change very fast in this word, so who knows who is going to be the most important MADE IN, in a few times from now. Good luck NYC!
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