Hi Girls, hi guys, we are super sorry to communicate that your INstagram account has been attacked for the second time in less than one year. We are doing all we can to reactivate it, but unfortunately Instagram is one of a few social that don’t offer technical support or client support, so it means that we don’t know if or when we will be able to restore our instagram account. We have been working so long to establish on this social as young talents promoting, but all ours efforts are lost if the social is not interested in helping his subscribe in case of hacker attack, so here the decision we took to realize a social media into our website, this will maybe take a few times from now, but we will go to be so much more to ours followers than ever. We are going to transform our Squeeze Girl contest into monthly photo shooting for ours girls, we are going to organize exhibitions in Milan for ours photographers or ours fashion illustrators, and even we will go to publish book about fashion photography, fashion illustrators during the 2018. We only ask to all of you to step forwards to come to visit our site and stay tune in it more than Instagram. We also are going to become shop, giving to all of you the chance to purchase some of the most cool fashion items at incredible cost price, therefore we are going to offer to ours young girls and talents much much more than any social media could ever offer to you.
By the way one way or another way we will be back to instagram but not more as before, we can’t spend so much time and money in a social where nobody is ready to attend in case of needs. To us Instagram is not any more our reference to stay in contact with all of you.
We love you and keep loving you and being ready to offer you much more than you could ever desire.

Gianguido Rossi-creative director Squeeze Magazine

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