Ok girls we usually don’t go so young to elect our Squeeze Girls, but some times we do , we do when we have to, we can not just ignore Skyla Jay a such precious face on a super cool little girl that we are sure she is gonna be so good into this business!! Thanks to her parents she had a chance to grow also photographically, which is extremely important to built a professional portfolio, she is not just kids model, we can easily see also a teen model, no more so kid, and once you have an important portfolio , and many hours of shooting, that will be the key to go to the top.
We will be at your side my dear little Skyla, any time for any enquire please consider us like your main partner and don’t hesitate to contact us!!

Gianguido Rossi


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∗photographic-credit : If we ever forgot to credit photographers please let us know, we will be happy to add the credit at the relative photo, thanks.

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