Now everyone is talking about this, the two super famous fashion photographers, Mario Testino, and Bruce Webber, abused models.

I don’t want at all defend the two photographers from the accusations, what they have done, if really happened is totally indefensible and not at all professional, but what I want also to talk about here, is about the concern showed by the top executives in Vogue’s house
I have one question for Vogue top executives, Do you really did know anything it was happening around those two photographers with models since now?
The boss of the boss in conde nast the Creative director of Vogue America Anna Wintour decided to stop any activity with those two importantphotographers.
Is it possible that afters more than 25 years working chick to chick with those two photographers, they never ever heard about anything like that behaviours?
Let me tell you about my personal experiences on this business! Since I have been photographer assistant, long time ago, it always has been so easy to know what was happening behind the curtains of some fashion photographers, or even, of some important, fashion designer, at least, everyone working at certain level in this business , knew it.
Me, personally, some times, decided not to take the job because of some photographers or some art director s attitudes.
All the operators, knew that some homosexual photographers was easily going to ask for sex during, before or even after the job. I also was involved personally in similar situations, and it has been not nice and some times not easy to get out of that situation without ruin the professional relations.
So do we want to give al the s… to the two photographers, or even the Magazine has some responsibilities?

This is my question that probably is not going to have any answer for the moment.
So is it really possible for Conde Nast come out of this situation immaculate and leave all the shit to the two photographers.


Gianguido Rossi

∗photo-credit : If we ever forgot to credit photographers please let us know, we will be happy to add the credit at the relative photo, thanks.

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