All this polemic around Banned of the super model Gigi Hadid…… I believe is just funny, and loosing time, the billioner brand, should have thought abut it even before the polemic started to be hot, and pushing the brand reputation down in China at least. To be a super star it means much more than just make millions of dollars in ADV or on social media.

Become an international celebrities takes also great responsibility, it is so selfish thinking that what she did it was supposed not to be offended for millions of Asian people by sinking the eye during a friend party imitating the Buddha face. Come on….. she is not just a new face model, unprepared to be under the attention of millions fan, she is one of the top 10 most followed on instagram ever, and this also how she is making her fortune, so once you are so famous, girl please, take care on what you do or act to. She has to blame to her team about this, she never should put that kind of video on social media, to western mentalities is maybe not at all offensive, but we are talking about a totally different society, and of course dear Gigi that they could be offended!! So please super top models, if you wish to walk on the top of the world, you need to be prepared also to do it. The world is not built in one way,is not in black and white but there is so many several tonality of colour.

To my point of view this is such amazing marketing mistake that will cost a lot in reputation for her and brands who work with her.

Please pay attention at your next steps dear Gigi.



Gianguido Rossi


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