Here you are dear Aurika, as you promised you did enter the contest….and won it great !! But we are sure you knew it!! ;)
Looks like you already are with one of the most international model agency!! We are so happy for you, so actually becoming Squeeze girls is more your point of you, a desire that is not about being model…but being itself SQUEEZE GIRLS, which is not just model, which is not just a girl, which is…….just Squeeze Girl (lol) and this we love so much!!!!!
We actually have not special tips for you, you already have your agency that gives it to you, but we perceived that you would like to become our model to express a feeling that usually fashion model can’t give you as model, we are sure you have so much more to express and only try to find a way to express it!! Is that correct?? If yes we need to try to organize once you are in Milan a strong emotional f…crazy photo shooting!!!!!!! Sounds good to you?? Love you dear and thanks so much for entered our model contest!!


Gianguido Rossi








∗photo-credit : If we ever forgot to credit photographers please let us know, we will be happy to add the credit at the relative photo, thanks.

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