20 yo Italian Squeeze Girl

Dreaming is not just a way to daydream it's just the beginning of the human trip into this life, No dream...no life. That's why we love so much to take care about ours girls. First of all ours girls are big dreamer, and couldun0t be differently, no dreams, no Squeeze girls to become to. Here we are to introduce our new Italian discovery Elisandra, latina incredible beauty, and let me tell you as Italian, there are no so many like her in Italy!

What about this 20yo girl.... a lot to say. She is already a model, posing for photographers between Milan, Turin, and Novara her city, but she told us that she has already been on music video , and we just invite you to have a quick look at the video we posted down page....no way she is not at all embraced!

As anyone can see she has a very deep look, determinate , she doesn't looks like to be scared about photographers lenses, actually I believe she is a dominatrice during the photoshoot....(my persona idea, haven0t shooting with her yet) . Even if she is quite young, she doesn't seems even too shy .....mostly of her Instagram is talking about soft glamour photo shooting, and this is a quality for a young model, actress, as long as is not going to be too hot!!

Well the story about her doesn't end here yet!! Looks like that she also write a book about what? She didn't want to tell us yet, secret! But for sure we will let you know once is finished. So Italian photographer what are you waiting for, just contact her and try to organize a photo shot with her, it's a rare beauty to find in our country, but I believe it could be an interesting experiences. You can contact her on her Instagram.

So we are waiting to see our beauty girl in some other videos or photo shooting soon.

Also, for you our Squeeze hat and cool fashion gift from our shop Just Shot Shop dear Elisandra.

ELISANDRA, definitely a girl to keep an eye on!

elisandra squeeze girl

photo Roberto Gazzubbo

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