Gwen Rachel

Rachel thanks for entered our contest, we don’t go easily so young with our contest, but some times we do!! And this is your case.
We rally appreciated your enthusiasm to wanted become Squeeze Girl, and looking into your instagram we really start to be so much in love with your incredible and unique face. Being model is not just a matter of body or pretty face, but is about to be able to create a specific and unique portfolio, where is possible for the professionals, to benefit from it, from model’s peculiar attributes and mood. We can basically figure you as an editorial models, which means not just a pretty face but a face with whom is possible to create particular mood. We didn’t see yet in your portfolio, what you could really become as model, so we please you to keep working on your best side as model, and related to the fact you still so young, you will have all the time you need to do it so.
Hope we will be able to realize a photo shooting with you soon, to be able to develop your models skills and most peculiar aspect.
BTW welcome to our family and from now on you will be able to talk with our editorial team any time you wish to.


Gianguido Rossi


∗photo-credit : If we ever forgot to credit photographers please let us know, we will be happy to add the credit at the relative photo, thanks.

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