I just find this TED talk, from 2013, very interesting it’s the speech of one of top model….. who is talking about the model’s job behind the curtains. It’s super honest, and i really appreciated what she said in many aspects, but my dear…. we are not talking about Portrait photography, the magazine, the photographer or even the client have not at all interest in taking pictures about you as personality, or as human been, you are fashion model, and as fashion model they pay you to express need that the market require, if the client pay thousands of dollar for you as model, he is not at all interested in YOU or in your personal trouble, he is paying you to sell his products, basically to sell, fashion items. This is all about fashion, of course you can also enjoy creative and strong personality but in the end is al about selling clothes. Not all the girls should aspire to become model, this is not the perfect job, and it’s super good that you uncovered so many aspects, that you don’t even appreciated, but what else, it’s about the attitude, model it’s a passion, not a job. So it’s not for every one, and as I always said, it’s not even about the face or the body but it’s about the attitude, some girls can become or should become model, some other have others option to use on their life, non one is forcing them to become model.

I wanted to publish this speech as helps for all ours girls who would love to know a bit more about this job, to my. point of view, an amazing job career.


Gianguido Rossi

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