It has been talked a lot about this peculiar Jim Charry interview realized last year during New York fashion week, I don0t want to keep the speculation already created around this interview, I just want to add my personal point of view inspired by this interview.
the actor affirm that that fashion week he was going to was the meaningless event ever he could participate to it was just a provocation lunch to the many that work on this business believing to be good on hearth. The sun and the moon don’t turn around fashion system and this fact is ignoring by the most who produce live and work on this business, I say the most …not the totality.

Fashion is part of our life, but it’s just a part, like it could be another expression of the human life, sport, art, food, music, reading and so on and so on, by his massages he wanted to address to the people love and work on fashion numbering them, to don0’t create a personal Jesus on hearth by this human passion, Fashion is a way to interact, to express humans way to be, it’s our personal mask we decide to wear or not or change in different situation, and no one has the right to affirm that is wrong act this way, but just remember that the mask is a MASK and if in the end you lost yourself into it, you are going to lost the Human dimension which is going to be the real problem. So just keep loving fashion, and all his expression and events, but just remember that the mask you decide to wear dosen‘t have to cover yourself completely.  


Gianguido Rossi

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