Hi girls, sorry if we don’t upload so often, but actually it is very hard time for us, but we try to do our best anyway.     As promised to you girls, we are starting our new section about interview’s fashion professionals to help you al to have a better idea on how it works this amazing and passionate job MODEL    Let’s start with Ana Pirlog, one of ours girls, working with one of the best model agency ever Women management, based in Milan, Paris and New York.    Ana was one of ours model, selected as Squeeze girls, and than we took her as model for one of our incredible photo shooting, “WARM ME UP”  shot by talented photographer Masakazu.               We start to talk with Ana about her experiences about modelling. It is definitely importance for you girls to have some more information about how to promote yourself or who to trust to about this job, we are her to help you all, soon we will also have a what’up number for all your required, just don’t hesitate to contact us, and let’s keep giving to some of you the chances to become our model and improve your book drastically in a few times!!!

Thanks to our partner Just Shot Shop

Gianguido Rossi

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