Whenever people love acting in helps other people we are so exait and love to talk about. Whenever fashion create an event towords people we are proud to be part of this environment. Like happend in Italy thanks to the founder of Diesel brand and the international tenor Andrea Bocelli, inaugurate on May 2 a new school complex in Sarnano, a medieval village in Italy’s Marche region, which was dramatically hit by a 6.6-magnitude earthquake in August 2016.

The “Giacomo Leopardi” middle school, which will accommodate more than 100 students, has been built in only five months using the most innovative technologies to make it quake-proof and sustainable.

The complex will feature a range of facilities, including a gym, a library, an auditorium, a computer center and a music studio, which will be also open to the local community.

Thanks again from all the kids!



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