Ok we don’t want anymore talk about the big trouble the Dolce & Gabbana fashion house went trough during these days, every one interested in fashion already knows the fact. Dolce and Gabbana has to cancel one the most important appointment for the brand in one of the most powerful country ever the China becouse the controversy relative the last advertise realized for the Chinese market, and for the insults appeared on Stefano Gabbana chat addressed to Chinese people and China culture.

We just have a tremendous query….. How is possible on the 2018, act as Stefano Gabbana acted by insulting people and an entire country?. …I am not talking about the video ADV created for Chinese country, which for some way I am agreed totally old fashion way of consider that super modern and important country such is today China. We wanna reflect about the arrogance that the west still have and still so much visible when such thing happens.

It is also a fact that fashion brand act like God on earth too easily. They don’t give a ….. to nothing, to nobody and this is for some reason the result of this attitude. Did you ever heard about magazine writing bad reviews about fashion shows? No I did not ever heard. But the critic exist for any other field such politics, art, movie and on and on, but for fashion. Too much money are probably involved on this business and the only actors in charge to criticizes fashion shows fashion magazines and newspapers, are actually the weakest ever because they just can’t survive whiteout fashion brand investment on their magazines. So this happened to Dolce e Gabbana, but easily could happen to many others western fashion brands. For some way we still act as colonialist and for some way, many western brand keep treating others country as subordinate to them. We are happy, for many aspects, that such things happened, it’s a way to show to “the sparkling fashion brands universe”that the dream it’s over. They have to weak up at the today’s reality. What today is essential, is a real human touch and sensibility, the human respect, the desire to be honestly and humanly in contact with the rest of the planet. I am talking about dreams?……. Probably, but the reality day after day is teaching us that this the new way to keep on.

Gianguido Rossi

video that start to controversial between Dolce & Gabbana and China







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