Wow another not unauthorized exposition about Banksy!!!!! Come on , is it possible that no one still not asking himself “ How come all those expositions are not authorized?” ….is it probably or possible that the author itself is not at all interested in promote his art using this way?
Being an writer it means being out of the law, anytime he realize hsi creation he could be put in jail !! This to me means that is very much an issue, but much easier is to weaken his messages by putting his art into a container that is for many reason.
The path of this artist is internally ON THE Street and FOR THE STREET, and it’s in there that should remain to me.
His porpoise is a strong condemn and rebel to our modern economic and politics system, and this concept shouldn’t ever extract from the place they have been created for. Easily this artist could become famous and reach, but we still don’t know exactly who he is……so probably being famous and reach is not what he is looking for, instead he prefers keep going condemning our economic and politics society leader ship.
So I am asking my self if all this exposing the artist could affect and weakness his massagesor not?
Well now we will try to report about this new initiative about BANSKY by visiting this new unauthorized exposition at the MUDEC museum of Milan from the 21 of November to the 14 April 2018, and try to understand if all these events are going to make his massages strong or weaker!

Gianguido Rossi



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