Paige Lynn

Amazing what the web can do in today time, incredible also what we are creating trough our contest.              Today finally we met with Paige, which is one of ours Squeeze Girls. Why are we so excited?                              That’s obviously, we did discover this girl, long long time ago, and now she is working for one of the best Model agency in Milan, which means, one of the best in the whole world.
Today me and Piage decide to met on the bridge in Milan, in one the ancient part of the city, along the river, and how you can catch from the video we were so much enthusiast about our meeting. We discovered this girl about two years ago , while she was living in little village in California, hoping to become one day a model, a real model, and now she is here in Milan and she is actually a professional model now.
It seems so long time ago when she was just fifteen year old and she entered our model contest.
Well there is not much more to tell about except that situation like that give us the energies to keep going on, even if we do struggle to go on and on, but to see the hope of one little girl become real , it pays back all ours efforts.
We must say thanks to our commercial part, our e-fashion shop Just Shot Shop, that gives us the power by sponsoring us to keep on and on, so please, whether you like what we try to create for ours audience please support us shopping at our shop.


Gianguido Rossi

 Paige Lynn squeeze girl

∗photo-credit : If we ever forgot to credit photographers please let us know, we will be happy to add the credit at the relative photo, thanks.

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