Miss World Romania 2015

Here our new entry to our family, incredibly Miss World Romania, Natalia. We can’t believe she entered our contest, I mean she is already super famous and professional, but probably we are so cool, and irresistible that even the top of the top can’t resist to us!! We need to take her in Milan for a photo shooting soon. …..and I know already how we will shoot with her!!!! She is not minor so ….let’s express all her sexy mood that just flashed us once we saw her! What can we say, we don’t know her yet, but what it looks like that she is very kind girl, in love with love, in love with people and in love with photography, of course she can use her face and body on the best way, very sexy but always so elegant. We are so happy to become stronger and stronger, we want to get to have one girl in Milan every month, and we will for sure soon girls, please make us to be teh best ever around!!!!

So super well come to our family my dear Natalie, and let’s see what we cna do together!!


We would like to thanks our main partner Just Shot Shop


Gianguido Rossi


∗photo-credit : If we ever forgot to credit photographers please let us know, we will be happy to add the credit at the relative photo, thanks.

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