Being considered fashion photographer, is much more than just pull the trigger.
We will never ever stop to repeat this motto.
Fashion photography it has to be a perfect and balance mix of personal style, strong vision for fashion, great taste for women, ability in portrait, great lighting technique, this is considerable a needed mix to become fashion photographer. Not easy guys to achieve, not easy!! As Squeeze Talent, this time, we decided to introduce Astrid M. Obert, German originally fashion photographer.
As fashion magazine we really appreciated his style, with strong personality.
His style is gentle, glamour, modern and sensual at the same .
To us, his main and strong professional element, is the ability to keep alive his style even if working for a commercial assignment, where not always is possible to work with strong interesting and research fashion outfits, keeping the level very high style. Another element we really appreciated is his models choices, his models looks all pretty much modern, strong and top level, we don’t know if they actually are famous top models, but, for sure, they look like they are, so the final result is very interesting. As magazine we would really love to work with a photographer like him, and, we may will do it!! Good job dear …



by  Eriberto Guidi






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