Not long time ago, surfing on instagram I met the page of this young artist, and I just start to fall in love for her work. Looking at her page I went back about 200 pics…incredible for Instagrammer to go so much backwards in a single account!! Once you get in contact with a super page like hers, there is no way you are going to stick to that page and don’t want change page . I find her work extremely genial, she has been able to mix Gothic, dark, punk, fantasy, a but of  sophisticated glamour and even a touch of Walt Disney….incredible isn’t it, but this is the idea that came to my mind once start to look at her production. Of course all these elements are masterfully mixing with an extreme attention for the fashion details and an top pictorial technique. No so often fashion illustrators could give inspiration to fashion designers, but this is one of that case. We will probably need to go back to her and try to get a video interview, I would love to know much more about her, but for now guys just enjoy a little selection of hers work. Love you all.


Gianguido Rossi

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