Masakazu Kurihara

We love photography, but most of all, we love fashion photography which means, to us, great sensibility to portrait woman. This section, thanks to all of you guys and girls, is getting stronger and stronger, we discovered there are so many people passionate about talented artist, whether they are photographers, or fashion illustrators, and we are super happy about it.
Today we would like to introduce, Masakatzu, Japanese originally, and he is also our personal photographer (lol), Masakatzu is one of ours two photographers, so why not to talk about him!
We really are in love about his work.

We met him, about a year and half ago, and from there……we always went back his poetry, for our fashion editorials!!
Sophisticated and, at the same time, clean, fresh and glamour, that’s his style and his women’s vision.

The fashion elements, once shot by him, are always balanced with female figure, is never about commercial neither just women’s portarit.
His models, are kinda of lost in his personal universe,me as photographerstill surprise how he could put all of them, into his space, into his personal and private vision, a photographic-dimension, that just him can so easily create.I have been with him a few times, during his photo-shooting, and I was surprise how he really doesn’t need much, to create a super photo section: a wall, a bench, a tree, simple elements that he can transform into super glamour set. We are so happy to keep the professional relation with this young artist.



Gianguido Rossi


Thanks to our pertner JUST SHOT SHOP, that made all this possible.

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