Paul Henry

The way we pick up ours talents, is based on the fact that we would love to work with them.
So here we are to introduce you our new talented photographer Paul Henry.
We are following each other not from long time, but since the beginning we appreciated his way of take shoots!!
Basically we loved his way to catch girls essence.
We definitely are in love with his black and white production, in all, in really all the photos, we feel the same magic and intimate atmosphere that he create with his models.
For a magazine, or a commercial client, is extremely important to know what exactly his going to achieve trough a photographer performance.
His girls are fresh, young and positive, even under a hard/shadow light, they still keep the same smooth and positive mood. They don’t even need to smile all the time, to preserve their young age magic power, this is what we really appreciated about this professional. Great job dear Paul.



Gianguido Rossi

Paul Henry’s work

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