A modern melting pot of colours, shapes, contrast, and poetry, that’s how I would like to start to talk about Txema Yeste fashion photography, which surely has the most important element to be considered Fashion Photography , it has his own signature on his photographic work, a signature not possible to create by wishing to have one”, but only possible to reach, working untiringly day after day, year after year, till you finally got it…..and, even though, not always is possible to have it!!
Txema Yeste has this super important “plus!”.

He is based in Spain, but is also globetrotter, working for the most glamour and innovative fashion magazines, such as Numero’, Harper’s Bazar, Vogue, and with some of the most alluring models ever!
The most peculiar elements, to me , about this young photographer, is his leading sense of the colours, contrasts, shapes. He has this incredible and innate ability, to blend all this elements into a sophisticated fashion stories, where also anther crucial element, has to be present, the fashion. Her woman, which is always modern, sophisticate, resolute and easily poetic, never cross the border of fashion shooting,always able to keep the co-role of protagonist and sharing it with the other main actor, The Fashion.
That’s basically to me his skill, melt naturally those two elements into a new third element, his fashion photography.




by Gianguido Rossi






Txema Yeste — photographic work

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