Fashion photography has changed so much during the last 15een years. Colossal magazine like Vogue are in big crisis at the moment, and we have our idea about it, the social media changed definitely the way to catch fashion imagery. Every thing has changed but the people who leads those fashion editorials group. Based on what has been from the 80’s to the beginning o the new century, they still believe to detain the knowledge to decide who is able to be fashion photographer or not!!! Well every thing is already changed that’s why those group are in big economic crisis!!

Our way to select ours Squeeze Talent about fashion photography is passion, determination, great aesthetic sense of the beauty, the body form, the ability to get in contact with the models, and being able to create a mood for some way original and personal. Scanning the web trough our contest for fashion photo-talent we noticed that the world is full of such incredible talents that still unknown to the most basically because maybe they are not well connected to the fashion system or maybe are using the wrong models or make-up artist or styling team. That’s illogical to us!!!! People who work on fashion publications needs to be able to catch the TALENT behind the photos, if they can’t….better they chance job!!

And here we are to present another talent we would like to push with ours web channel, WEST COAST PHOTO.

Basically on him we appreciate his sexy glamour vision of girls. His vision we are so sure is possible to melt successfully with fashion items. We noticed something really originally on his photographic touch, he maybe has not 100k followers but who care, to us he is talented and for sure we are going to promote him and use him professionally for the future.


Gianguido Rossi

Gavin O’Neill work

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