Interview by Gianguido Rossi

Young, beauty charismatic, determined, these are just some of the adjective coming up to my mind to introduce our new young Guest, Vicky Piria, Starring for our “hot” photoshot and video-interview.


Her name is Vittoria, class 1993, better known as Vicky Piria.   Since she was 8 years old, she is sitting on single-seater car. In the beginning it was a kart, and now she is competing on Formula 3, the gate to the Formula 1.

Young, beauty, charismatic, determined, are just some of the adjective coming to my mind to introduce her, but she is also very easy girl and extremely funny.

Sitting on the make-up table, she looks just like any other 20 years old girl, even her a bit insecure of her beauty, and a bit timid in front of the camera.

Looking her like that way, is gonna be hard to believe that she can drives super cars, faster than 300/km par hours.

For Squeeze, I decided to figure her, a bit more on Rock style than she is usually presented by others magazines. And she looks like enjoy this style we create for her !

But the most funny part is the video – interview she

gave to us, an inedited and original one, directly from her  house  in Italy, where she is gonna tell and “unveil” a bit more about herself, than she usually does, so, also  for  her  fan there are going to be some more details to discover about Vicky


video-interview VICKY PIRIA, by Gianguido Rossi



photography  by      GIANGUIDO ROSSI

styling      ENRICA LAMONACA

make-up/hear     CORALIE GASPARD

photo as.      NIK ROSS


video backstage

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